retain supporters during and after times of crisis

16 Email Templates to Retain Crisis Donors

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When crises strike, such as natural disasters, man-made disasters, or the recent COVID-19 pandemic, you need to act quickly to engage, rally, and retain supporters. This holds true whether you’re mobilizing direct relief efforts or simply raising emergency funds to sustain operations.

As you fundraise, you will likely see an influx of new donors alongside returning one-time donors or long-time supporters. It’s important to keep these two major segments in mind as you craft communications that will retain their support long after the disaster.

The key to effective retention emails here is to remember that someone’s reason for giving is due to an external circumstance and not necessarily just because of their passion for your organization.

get ready to:

  • Identify and understand the types of donor you’ll engage with during times of crisis
  • Nurture deeper levels of support beyond the first one-time gift
  • Forge genuine, lasting relationships with crisis donors
  • Strike a balance between over communicating and not communicating enough

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