Inside Pencils of Promise:
3 Ways Technology Turns Data into Action

Photo Credit: Nick Onken

Since 2008, Pencils of Promise has built 273 schools and served over 31,240 students. They improve education worldwide, not only through the schools they build but also through their teacher training programs. Pencils of Promise uses technology to track its efficacy and harness the power of data to continually improve its programs.

Pencils of Promise Senior Database Operations Manager, Jackie Roshan, sat down with the Classy team for a special 1-hour webinar about how the Salesforce CRM has changed the way the organization looks at data and delivers impact. 

Learn how Pencils of Promise uses data to: 

  • Track donations and programs 
  • Monitor and analyze impact in real time 
  • Make informed decisions about where and when programs are delivered 

Jackie Roshan

Sr. Database Operations Manager, Pencils of Promise

Mike Spear

Director Business Development, Classy

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