5 Tips to Master Nonprofit Storytelling in a Digital World


Stories are central to your nonprofit, regardless of your size, mission, or cause sector—storytelling is how you showcase your mission and engage supporters.

Watch the webinar for five tips to master storytelling across online channels. You’ll see these tips in action as we share creative examples from nonprofits who have successfully leveraged their digital channels to tell invigorating stories and drive donations.


  • Why digital storytelling matters in the nonprofit space

  • How to leverage social media, video, email, blogs, and your website to showcase the results of your work

  • The components to a compelling digital story and how they work together to communicate your cause

  • How successful nonprofits have used Classy to implement digital storytelling elements throughout their campaigns

  • Insights and best practices to incorporate into your future stories and fundraising campaigns

Will Schmidt
Senior Content Writer, Classy
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Erin Chesterton
Demand Generation Specialist, Classy

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