Strengthen Donor Relationships Year-Round

9 Email Templates to Engage Donors Year-Round

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Donor stewardship is a key step to increased donor retention. In order to keep your donors happy and active with your organization, you should be communicating with them outside of your campaigns and hard asks.

To help you do this, we created nine email templates that you can use to create an outreach strategy that will engage and delight donors all year long.

What you'll learn

  • How to strike a balance between asks and delights in your communications
  • How to leverage what you know about your supporters to inform your communication cadence
  • How to include digital media in your email outreach
  • Nine creative moments throughout the year that allow you to organically reach out to your community
  • How to include a soft ask that keeps donors active without feeling fatigued
  • BONUS: Actionable pro tips for email communication including branding and content advice

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