Are Data Blind Spots Hurting Your Supporter Experience?

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Your data strategy should fuel your ability to deliver an awesome experience for your supporters. But when your internal systems don’t ‘talk’ to one another, you’re left with data blind spots that can damage your supporter relationships.

Watch the on-demand webinar alongside Omatic’s Nonprofit Data experts as they discuss the impact of data blind spots, and how you can leverage technology to overcome them—unveiling new opportunities for fundraising and donor stewardship.

Get ready to discover

  • How to identify if data blind spots are a problem for your organization
  • How gaps in your data create negative consequences and missed opportunities
  • The key components to a successful integration strategy
  • BONUS: Get a quick glimpse into the Classy and Omatic integration in action
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Bailey BenzLE
Director of Pre-Sales & Sales Enablement • Omatic
Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 4.00.53 PM
Pat DemING
Sales Enablement Engineer • Omatic

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