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Last Updated: 09/03/2019

See answers to common questions about our in-house payment processor, Classy Pay powered by Stripe.

Switching to Classy Pay powered by Stripe

Fees and supported payment methods

Payouts, Refunds, and Reconciliation

Donor Experience



General Information


Switching to Classy Pay powered by Stripe 

I’m using a different processor on Classy. Can I switch to Classy Pay?

Yes! Contact our Sales team and they’ll help you sign an amendment to your contract that adds Classy Pay powered by Stripe to your account. We’ll send you an email when the process is complete.

How do I set up Classy Pay after switching?

Once you sign an amendment, we’ll add Classy Pay powered by Stripe to your Classy account. Starting on Oct. 1st, 2019, you’ll be able to log in to your Classy account and set up Classy Pay using the steps below: 

  1. Navigate to Settings in your Classy account
  2. Select the Payment Processor Portal
  3. Select Stripe
  4. Fill out your bank account details using the provided forms

We’ll send an email confirmation when you’re all set-up. For more detailed instructions, view our setup guide

I have recurring donors. Can I migrate them from my current payment processor to Classy Pay?

Yes, unless the recurring donors are processing on legacy version of PayPal or (more on this in the next question). All other recurring donors who process through Classy will migrate over. There is no action needed on your end to migrate your recurring donors. We’ll take care of everything. 

Please note that in any migration there is a possibility of ‘soft declines’ (recurring donations that will not process successfully). This is normal and soft decline rates are usually around 8-10%. However, our engineering team will do everything they can to mitigate soft declines and prompt recurring donors to update their card information if a soft decline occurs. 

What if I have recurring donors processing on legacy versions of PayPal or 

At this time, we cannot migrate recurring donors from legacy versions of PayPal or However, you can cancel these legacy recurring donations and have supporters sign up for new recurring donations once you’re setup on Classy Pay powered by Stripe.

How do donations process during the migration period? Do donations still process on my current processor until the switch? When does the cutover happen? 

Donations will continue to process on your current processor until the Classy Pay powered by Stripe setup and verification process is complete. You’ll be able to accept donations during the entire migration period and there is no period where you’ll be without a payment processor. 

A confirmation email after the Classy Pay powered by Stripe email will be sent after you’re set-up so that you know your donations have started processing on Classy Pay.

Our recurring donors chose to cover the processing fee for our current payment processor. Will their recurring donation update to cover the new fee with Classy Pay powered by Stripe? 

No, any recurring donations will processes at the same rate as when they were established. The rates or donation amounts will not change when they migrate over to Classy Pay. 

For example, say a recurring donor submits $20 donations and chooses to cover an extra 5% in transaction fees. Their recurring donation will be $21. This amount will not change after switching to Classy Pay powered by Stripe. This prevents donor confusion due to changing donation amounts.


Fees and supported payment methods

What is Classy Pay powered by Stripe’s fee? 

The processing fee is 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction (+1 % for American Express). There are no additional costs for setup, account maintenance, or support.

ACH payments are processed at a rate of 1% + $0.30 per transaction. 

Does Classy Pay powered by Stripe support ACH payments?

Yes! Please note that ACH payments can take 5-7 days to process and move from a "pending" to "successful" status.

Does Classy Pay support mobile wallets?

Yes! Classy Pay supports mobile wallet payments through Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay. Mobile wallet donations are processed at normal credit card processing rates (typically 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction, but this may vary depending on the details of your contract). There are no additional fees to enable or use mobile wallets. 

Does Classy Pay support payments through PayPal?

No, Classy Pay does not support payments through PayPal Express. If you’d like to offer PayPal Express payments to your supporters, you can place a PayPal link in your donation appeal. See an example from MANNA.  

However, any donations processed through PayPal will not be tracked within Classy. 

Does Classy Pay support international payments?

Classy Pay supports international donations if they are submitted in USD with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express card. There is no additional charge for donations made in USD from an international donor.

Does Classy Pay support card swipers?

Not at this time. 

Will Classy support additional payment methods in the future?

Support for additional payment methods is top of mind for our team. While we can’t promise exact dates, our team is hard at work thinking of ways to create meaningful features for Classy Pay powered by Stripe.


Payouts, Refunds, and Reconciliation

How do payouts work? / How are payouts timed? 

When you create a new Classy Pay powered by Stripe account, you can expect your first payout in around 7-10 days. This is due to standard transfer delays. 

After that, you’ll receive daily payouts on every business day. 

How do I reconcile with Classy Pay powered by Stripe?

To learn how to reconcile with Classy Pay, view our reconciliation guide. 

How are cashouts timed? 

Choose between daily, weekly, or monthly cash out. You can update your cash out frequency preference at any time through Classy Manager. 

How do refunds work? 

The refund process on Classy will not change if you are using Classy Pay powered by Stripe. View our guide on refunding donations to learn more about sending refunds. 


Donor experience

Can I edit any of the information that appears on the donor’s credit card statement?

You have the ability to customize the statement descriptor. Contact our Care Team and they’ll help you edit the descriptor.

By default, the statement descriptor will be the website address you enter when setting up your Classy Pay account



Is Classy Pay powered by Stripe secure? 

Classy Pay powered by Stripe uses Stripe Radar to automatically detect and block fraudulent payments in real-time. Unlike other monitoring methods, Stripe Radar learns from a global network of billions of payments across millions of businesses to detect fraudulent payments. 

This protects you more effectively and in 2017 Stripe Radar prevented more than $4 billion in attempted fraud. 

What other security measures does Classy have in place? 

At Classy, security and transparency come first. We are PCI Level 1 certified and use multiple security measures to protect sensitive data. You can learn more by viewing our security page.



What support is available?

The Classy Care team is standing by to answer any questions relating to Classy Pay payments or disbursements. As always, you can also monitor the health of all Classy systems on our Status Page.


General information

What is Classy Pay powered by Stripe? 

Classy Pay powered by Stripe is our in-house payment processor. With Classy Pay, you can reconcile payments and deposits all from your Classy account. That means you don't have to visit different processor sites and download reports from multiple places. 

Is Classy Pay the same as a Stripe account? 

No, Classy Pay powered by Stripe is our unique payment processor. Our friends at Stripe helped build the foundation for the Classy Pay processor. 

I have an existing Stripe account. Can I connect it to Classy?

No, you’ll need to set up a Classy Pay powered by Stripe account through Classy. This ensures all of your payments and deposits live within your Classy account for easy access.

Who can use Classy Pay powered by Stripe? 

Any Classy customer with a paid subscription account and 501(c) nonprofit status can use Classy Pay powered by Stripe. 

Can I use Classy Pay alongside my current payment processor (e.g. Braintree, WePay, or

No, you’re only able to choose one payment processor for processing transactions on Classy. 

Why should I use Classy Pay powered by Stripe?

Using our in-house processor comes with a lot of benefits. Some of the biggest include: 

  • Easier Reconciliation - Reconcile your payments and deposits inside your Classy account, with all the information you need in one report. 
  • Lower Fees - Low processing fees mean more money goes towards your mission.  
  • Stronger Fraud Protection - Stripe Radar automatically detects and blocks fraudulent payments across a database of billions of payments. That means stronger security with fewer false positives, so you and your donors can rest easy.  
  • Automatic Credit Card Updater - Our automatic credit card updater works with card networks to update card information after a card expires or is replaced so your fundraising won’t miss a beat. Note, the updater does not update cards if your donor switches providers or banks. 
  • Future Innovations -With an in-house processor, our team has greater control over bringing you the features you ask for and will need. 

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