How to Set Up Classy Pay Powered by Stripe

Last Updated: 08/29/2019

Classy Pay powered by Stripe is our end-to-end payment processor. Learn how to set up Classy Pay powered by Stripe.  

Before you start

Begin the setup

Create a Stripe Account

Verify your account

Enter your bank account information

Setup FAQ


Before you start

You’ll need Global Admin permissions in your Classy account to make the following changes. You can learn more about admin permissions in our guide for adding admins.

Begin the setup

  1. Click Settings in your Classy Manager menu

  2. Click on the Payment Processor Portal
  3. Select Stripe

Enter an email to create a Stripe account

  1. Enter the Email where you'd like to receive notifications about your Classy Pay processor  setup and verification
  2. Click Save


Verify your account

  1. Click Verify


You’ll be redirected to Stripe to enter your business details. This information is necessary for processing donations and receiving payouts to your bank account.

     2. Fill out the form for business details



  • All the fields are required unless marked 'Optional'
  • Under the Industry dropdown, select Membership organizations, to see options for nonprofits. Most nonprofits will select the option: Charities or social service organizations

     3. Fill out the form for personal details



  • The personal details you enter should be for the account owner—someone from your organization who is authorized to sign financial documents on your organization’s behalf
  • You can always change this information later by contacting our Care Team.
  • The last 4 of a social security number are required by federal and state regulations for identity verification

     4. Click Done when the verification is complete to return to Classy



  • To review your info or make any final changes, click the Edit button (the button with the pencil symbol). 
  • If you see a “More information required now” message instead of a checkmark, click the Update button. That will take you back to the form where you can add any missing info.  


Enter your bank account information

Once you fill out the Stripe forms, you’ll be redirected to Classy to connect your bank account.

  1. Enter your Account Number and ABA/Routing Number
  2. Click Save



Setup FAQ

Can I change the information I enter for Personal Details on the verification form?

Yes, if you need to update your account owner information, have them or your new account owner contact our Care team. In the message, please have them provide their:

  • First and last name
  • Email
  • Job Title
  • Date of birth
  • Home Address
  • Phone Number
  • Last 4 numbers of their social security number 

We’ll send you an email when we finish updating the information.


Why do I need to add the last 4 of my social security number?

The last 4 of the social security number is used to verify identities. This is required by federal and state regulations surrounding payment processors. 


I filled out the verification form, but I see a screen that says Further Action Necessary instead of the option to enter banking information. What do I do?

If you see this screen, that means Stripe needs a bit more info to verify your account owner’s ID. Your account owner can use the following steps to verify their identity: 

  1. Click Verify to open the Stripe form
  2. Click Verify now at the bottom of the form to complete the ID verification 


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