Campaign planning is as vast and complex as the great outdoors. This 3-part Campaign Field Guide will help you navigate the wilderness and give you all the tools to reach fundraising campaign goals. 

Get all three guides and confidently march into the great outdoors knowing that you're prepared to tackle every fundraising challenge.

Here's what you'll learn:


Know Your Donors Field Guide

  • Who your donors are and how to reach out to them accordingly.
  • How to grow your supporter base.

Plan a Campaign Field Guide

  • How to activate supporters at every phase of your campaign.
  • Design, plan, and execute a successful campaign.

Build a Communication Strategy Field Guide

  • Communication strategies the pros use to reach fundraising goals.
  • Key communication assets to prepare before launching a campaign.

Customizable Worksheets & Templates

  • These guides are more than a valuable read - they're interactive tools that walk you through building your best campaign yet! 

Download All 3 Field Guides