The First 45 Days: 7 Email Tactics to Steward New Donors and Subscribers


You got a new donor or email sign up, great! Now what do you do?

With first-time donor retention rates sitting around 22% and organizations struggling to keep open and click rates up with their subscribers, there seems to be a huge challenge in not just acquiring new emails donors but keeping them engaged.

During this on-demand webinar, based on brand new, original research from nonprofit software company Kindful and the NextAfter Institute for Online Fundraising, will look specifically at how 199 nonprofits are using email in the first 45 days after a donation and email signup to thank, engage, cultivate, and ask.

You'll Walk Away Knowing

  • What other organizations are doing to cultivate new email subscribers
  • How you can engage new donors so they could become longer term donors
  • What types of email content you can send to new donors and email subscribers (and how to actually get them opened)
  • How you can optimize and improve your emails to get more opens, clicks, and donations
  • New ideas to test and try for yourself to boost engagement and online revenue
Erin Chesterton
Demand Generation Specialist, Classy
Brady Josephson
VP of Innovation and Optimization, NextAfter

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