Giving Tuesday Webinar Series

Giving Tuesday is a global giving day taking place on December 1, 2020. On Giving Tuesday 2019, Classy nonprofits raised more than $19 million—a 25% growth from Giving Tuesday 2018.

Starting September 15 and running through November 12, we’re hosting a three-part webinar series dedicated to helping your nonprofit get in on the success and raise more money this Giving Tuesday. We’re covering topics on design tips and tricks to help your campaign stand out from the crowd, ways to easily transition your Giving Tuesday campaign into a year-end campaign, and dissecting top-performing campaigns from Giving Tuesday 2019 to spark inspiration.

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How to Design a Standout Campaign on Classy

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Watch the on-demand webinar How to Design a Standout Campaign on Classy, as Classy’s design team walks through how to design a Giving Tuesday campaign that effectively tells your nonprofit's story and kicks off a lasting relationship with your supporters.

Irene Webber
Senior Visual Designer, Classy
Gillian Tervet
Customer Success Manager, Classy

3 Ways to Unite Your Giving Tuesday and Year-End Campaigns

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Giving Tuesday is a great time to kick off your year-end fundraising campaign. The surge of momentum generated on one of the social sector’s biggest giving days can carry you all the way to January if you play your cards right.

Some nonprofits may look at these two periods as separate events in a busy time of year. However, on Classy, 26% of annual donation volume occurs from Giving Tuesday through December 31, signaling that if you think of Giving Tuesday and year-end together, it opens up new possibilities to maximize your fundraising potential.

Watch the on-demand webinar, 3 Ways to Unite Your Giving Tuesday and Year-End Campaigns where we discuss how low-lift, impactful tactics can help you increase your fundraising revenue and orchestrate a seamless transition.

Audrey Phillips
Customer Success Manager, Classy

Giving Tuesday All-Stars: 5 Creative Campaigns to Learn From

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On Giving Tuesday 2019, Classy nonprofits inspired 153,543 donors to raise over $19 million in just 24 hours. For the seventh year in a row, we are cheering on the top fundraising campaigns and compiled our observations on the common elements that were shared amongst the leaders.

Watch the on-demand webinar, Giving Tuesday All Stars: 5 Creative Campaigns to Learn From, as the Classy team shares our top Giving Tuesday fundraising campaigns from 2019. We’ll dissect the best practices they followed, share common trends among the group, and explain what made their campaigns top performers.

Maddie Joynt
Account Executive II, Classy
Arielle Meizen
Sr. Account Executive, Classy