How to Engage Younger Donors Through Airbnb Social Impact Experiences

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It’s no secret that younger generations are demanding different giving experiences. Gen Z is dedicated to driving social impact. Millennials love to travel. Which is why Airbnb has uncovered a unique opportunity for nonprofits to authentically connect with and activate this new wave of supporters.

Watch the webinar with Airbnb as they introduce Social Impact Experiences and discuss how you can leverage their platform to drive donations, gain new supporters, and connect with a global community of guests.

You'll Walk Away Knowing

  • Why it’s important to connect with Gen Z and millennial donors
  • What Social Impact Experiences are and why they matter
  • Examples of Nonprofits running successful Airbnb Experiences 
  • What a DIY program with Airbnb could look like 
  • How to get started with your own experience
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Molly Babbington
Social Impact Experiences Lead, Airbnb

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