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The Modern Nonprofit Professional’s Experience

Download Classy’s first-ever report examining the perspectives of nonprofit professionals on their current challenges, observations, and hopes for the future within the modern nonprofit landscape.

What's Inside

We conducted a nationwide survey of nonprofit professionals to discover how the modern nonprofit practitioner views the industry. The report includes new and exclusive findings, revealing that nonprofit professionals are split in their assessment of how well their organization keeps up with modern technology and so much more.

The report also digs into the following topics:

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    Whether or not nonprofit professionals are satisfied in their current roles or aligned with leadership
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    How job satisfaction and department affect whether employees make donations to the organization where they work
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    What nonprofit professionals consider to be the most important attributes when evaluating online fundraising platforms
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    How critical team alignment and collaboration are in keeping nonprofit professionals inspired and informed

Get these insights and even more on job satisfaction, top concerns, investment priorities, and how nonprofits are leveraging technology.

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