Classy Partner Program

Be a Hero to Your Customers

By partnering with consultants, technology companies, and more, we're able to help our mutual customers reach new levels of success.

And now that Classy is a Certified B Corporation, you can be certain that you're partnering with an organization adhering to the highest standards of business ethics. Join us. Together, we can mobilize and empower the world for good.

Strategic Resources

You're the experts for your clients. Keep that expertise growing and the creative ideas coming with the help of our blogs, guides, and webinars, filled with best practices from the highest performing organizations in the world.
Resources & Documentation
Want to become a Classy expert? We have all the product documentation, tips, and tutorials you need to become a certified Classy expert and take the power of the platform to the next level.
Complete API Access
Create fully customized online fundraising communities, mobile apps, and integrations on behalf of your clients.
True Teamwork & collaboration
Partners need a different level of support than customers do. Let's work together to help our clients reach unprecedented levels of success.

A few of our partners.

Join a community doing the most good
for their customers.