The State of Modern Philanthropy 2018

Examining Online Fundraising Trends

Classy's 2018 report dissects millions of data points to reveal key trends about the modern supporter's journey

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What's inside

  • Mobile and Desktop trends
  • How behavior differs across campaign types
  • Giving Tuesday insights
  • Supporter lifetime financial return
  • Thought starters to help you apply the findings
  • Bonus Classy fundraising benchmarks worksheet

Did you know recurring donors are 42% more valuable than fundraisers, and a whopping 440% more valuable than one-time donors?

Led by our team of data scientists, The State of Modern Philanthropy features online and mobile fundraising trends, closely examining donor behavior across the Classy Fundraising Suite in 2017.

This must-have report will equip your organization with the information needed to make data-driven decisions that help grow your donor base.