5 Philosophies for Startup
Nonprofit Success


Startup nonprofits face a lot of the same challenges that for-profit entrepreneurs do. It's hard work to get people to first believe in your idea and then to ask supporters to give back to your cause.

To learn more about how successful startup nonprofits operate, we've invited The Movemeant Foundation to share what foundational principals helped their small team turn an idea into quite literally a movement with 5,000 financial supporters raising $410K the very first year.

What you'll learn in this webinar: 

  • How to practice the art of tenacity in the nonprofit space 
  • How to strategically build your nonprofit's brand 
  • How for-profit business principles apply to startup nonprofits 
  • How important it is to invest in the talent of your team 
  • How to diversify your sources of revenue from day one 
Abby Caschetta

Abby Caschetta

Account Manager, Classy
Charina Lumley

Charina Lumley

Chief Operating Officer, The Movemeant Foundation

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