5 Steps to Optimize Your Corporate Fundraising Strategy on LinkedIn


Did you know there are more than 55 million companies on LinkedIn? For fundraising and development professionals, this makes LinkedIn an ideal platform for connecting with corporate philanthropy leaders in a trusted, professional virtual setting. But how can you establish a connection and make your request stand out from the many others they may be fielding?

To find out, watch the on-demand webinar, 5 Steps to Optimize Your Corporate Fundraising Strategy on LinkedIn, in partnership with LinkedIn for Nonprofits. You’ll learn how you can develop and deploy a successful corporate fundraising strategy on LinkedIn—helping you raise more money.


  • Strategies for networking effectively on LinkedIn and leveraging your extended network to make a warm introduction
  • Tips for identifying professionals who could champion your cause at their companies
  • Ideas for enhancing your LinkedIn profile to strengthen your personal brand and gain potential donors’ attention
  • Actions you can take to build companies’ awareness of your nonprofit on LinkedIn before reaching out
  • Tactics for writing direct messages (InMails) on LinkedIn that make your corporate fundraising requests irresistible
  • Real-world examples of how Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) has found fundraising success on LinkedIn
Grace Rochford
Grace Rochford Everitt
Manager, LinkedIn for Nonprofits
Jason Sacks
Jason Sacks
Executive Vice President, Business Development & Philanthropy, Positive Coaching Alliance

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