5 Ways to Future-Proof Your Fundraising


The fundraising landscape has drastically changed over the course of a few months. As a nonprofit fundraising in 2020, now's the time to build a resilient, proactive strategy that's able to weather unforeseeable storms of the future.

Watch the on-demand webinar, 5 Ways to Future-Proof Your Fundraising, to learn how to implement innovative, forward-thinking tactics that allow your nonprofit to bring in a steady stream of donations throughout the year.

You'll discover how peer-to-peer fundraising, recurring giving, virtual events, and investing in younger donors work together to create a future-proof fundraising strategy. 

get ready for:

  • Recurring giving best practices to build a consistent stream of revenue 
  • Virtual event how-tos
  • Innovative ways to appeal to younger donors, also known as the nonprofit supporters of the future
  • BONUS: How the right online fundraising software can up-level your strategy
Brad Chrisakis
Director of Training and Development, Classy

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