How to Use Marketing Automation Tools to Boost Year-End Giving


It takes more than a few promotional emails to cut through the noise of donors’ inboxes and bring in donations. In order to successfully boost end-of-year giving, you need a comprehensive and personalized marketing plan. Sound intimidating?

It’s easily done with a marketing automation software like HubSpot, which can help your nonprofit: 

  • Reach hyper-targeted audiences based on segmented lists
  • Automate emails through workflows to save your marketing and sales teams’ time
  • Adjust and improve your marketing strategies based on attribution reporting results
  • And more!

Watch the on-demand webinar, where we’ll sit down with a nonprofit, Haymakers for Hope, who has seen success using marketing automation to turbocharge their year-end giving revenue. Haymakers for Hope will be joined alongside Classy, HubSpot, and Elite HubSpot partner Lynton and will answer your questions about boosting donations through marketing automation. 

Mark Avery
Director, Haymakers of Hope
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Roman Kniahynyckyj
Growth Strategist, Lynton

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