Nonprofits Who Partner: The Power of Collaboration


Nonprofit partnerships often have a negative connotation. However, there is a great deal of value that can be gained from working together.

In this webinar, Barbells for Boobs is joining the Classy team to discuss different ways nonprofits can collaborate and support one another. 

What you'll learn in this webinar: 

  • Where to identify opportunities for partnerships in the nonprofit community 
  • Best practices in building relationships over time 
  • The different ways Barbells for Boobs has benefited from relationships with other organizations 
  • How sharing ideas is beneficial not detrimental
  • BONUS: Exclusive Q&A with the founder of Barbells for Boobs 
Zionna Munoz

Zionna Hanson

CEO & Co-founder, Barbells for Boobs
Michelle Hansen

Michelle Hansen

Account Manager, Classy

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