Why Nonprofits Must Optimize the Year-End Fundraising Experience


One-third of all online donations occur in the month of December, which means every nonprofit must have a clear plan for optimizing their year-end fundraising strategy. 

In 2019, Classy partner CauseMic set out to research, monitor, and benchmark donor engagement, the donation experience, and cultivation tactics across 152 nonprofit organizations. The result? A comprehensive overview of nonprofit engagement from all sizes and sectors.

Watch our on-demand webinar with CauseMic, Why Nonprofits Must Optimize the Year-End Fundraising Experience, to explore their key findings and takeaway easy wins your nonprofit can use to upgrade your year-end strategy this year.

This session will uncover findings, including:

  • How easy it was to sign up to receive a nonprofit newsletter
  • If the emails engaging 
  • How many required fields were included on donation pages
  • Distractions throughout the donation process
  • How strong the value proposition was
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Matt Scott
CEO & Cofounder, CauseMic

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