Why America Gives 2018

How current events, technology, and seasonality impact donor plans

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Why do Americans give to nonprofits? Conversely, what turns them off to supporting a cause? To dive deeper into donor sentiment before year-end, Classy commissioned a nationwide survey to uncover these insights and more. This must-read report provides a pulse-check on donor behavior, straight from the donors themselves.

What's Inside

  • Uncover what motivates people to give unexpectedly and what makes them want to plan their gifts
  • Learn what variables impact the decision-making process when it comes to charitable giving—including generational and political party data
  • Discover key data points that highlight how, why, and where Americans plan to donate for Giving Tuesday and year-end 2018, plus the role technology plays in the equation
  • Leverage the insights from this report to inform your strategy to acquire and engage donors this giving season and beyond

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