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The Anatomy of a Successful Registration With Fundraising Campaign

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Giving your event attendees the ability to also fundraise for your nonprofit eliminates any revenue ceiling in running an event and opens doors to limitless earnings. It also empowers your supporters to make an impact they may have never thought possible.  

To reveal how this fundraising strategy can support your work, we've rounded up five campaigns launched on the Classy platform. In each example, learn how different nonprofits have leveraged registration with fundraising to increase their revenue streams and build impressive third-party networks.

What you'll learn

  • How to design a registration with fundraising campaign page that incites action
  • Tactics for integrating fundraising into your run/walk/ride event
  • Five examples of how nonprofits are using registration with fundraising to enhance their events and increase revenue
  • Inspiration for your next event idea, including a polar plunge, bowling tournament, and dance marathon! 

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