Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Benchmarks Worksheet

An interactive PDF to print out and complete.

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To help you gauge your own peer-to-peer success, we leveraged Classy platform data to compile fundraising benchmarks with a focus on peer-to-peer fundraising. This Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Benchmarks Worksheet provides insight into how much donation volume, engagement, funds raised, and traffic on Classy are created on peer-to-peer campaigns and through registration with fundraising events.

Download this interactive PDF to view Classy platform benchmarks, add your nonprofit’s data, and then compare to determine where your organization is above average and where you should focus your efforts.

Compare your organization to Classy stats like:

  • The average amount raised by an activated fundraiser for a registration with fundraising event
  • The percent of annual fundraising volume from peer-to-peer campaigns, crowdfunding campaigns, and Classy Events
  • The average amount raised by an activated fundraiser for a peer-to-peer campaign
  • The percentage of traffic from social media to all campaign types
  • Donation checkout form conversion rate

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