Why America Gives 2019

How current events, technology, and seasonality impact donor plans

Classy’s second annual report returns with the latest insights into consumer giving trends, behaviors, and motivations as the year-end giving spike nears.

What's Inside

Compiled with findings from our nationwide survey, Why America Gives 2019 arms those in the nonprofit industry with key findings revealing what motivates donors to give, what deters their donations, and more.

The report also compares survey results to last year’s data, diving into what’s changed and what’s to come—like the fact that 90% of Americans who participated in Giving Tuesday 2018 plan to give to the same causes or nonprofits in 2019.

Other data points include:

  • The impact of the tax law changes on donors’ plans to give
  • U.S. consumers who are familiar with Giving Tuesday and plan to participate
  • How online giving experiences influence donors’ likelihood to give
  • The causes that are top of mind for donors during the giving season

Uncover these findings and more to pulse-check how current events, technology, and seasonality impact donor plans this year-end, and beyond.

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