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Understanding the True Financial Potential of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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People are often motivated to give to other people or a cause they support and not always to the nonprofit itself. Peer-to-peer fundraising taps into this personal motivation and can help your organization exponentially increase reach, funds, and overall return on investment.

In this free white paper, we take a mathematical approach to uncovering the value of peer-to-peer fundraising and how it can strengthen your in-house fundraising team and development revenue. 

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  • The financial case for adding peer-to-peer to your fundraising strategy
  • How peer-to-peer augments other fundraising types to take your return on investment to a new level
  • Why peer-to-peer fundraising can yield higher per-fundraiser financial returns
  • Pro tips to build your peer-to-peer fundraising programs for maximum success
  • How executives at nonprofits like Cleveland Clinic and buildOn are leveraging peer-to-peer
  • PLUS: Compelling peer-to-peer fundraising data and trends from the Classy platform

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