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3 Ways to Unite Your Giving Tuesday and Year-End Campaigns


Giving Tuesday is a great time to kick off your year-end fundraising campaign. The surge of momentum generated on one of the social sector’s biggest giving days can carry you all the way to January if you play your cards right.

Some nonprofits may look at these two periods as separate events in a busy time of year. However, on Classy, 26% of annual donation volume occurs from Giving Tuesday through December 31, signaling that if you think of Giving Tuesday and year-end together, it opens up new possibilities to maximize your fundraising potential.

Watch the on-demand webinar, 3 Ways to Unite Your Giving Tuesday and Year-End Campaigns, where we discuss how low-lift, impactful tactics can help you increase your fundraising revenue and orchestrate a seamless transition.


  • The benefits of an “all-in-one” approach
  • Three low-lift ways to to unite your Giving Tuesday and year-end campaigns 
  • Campaign examples from nonprofits who did it well
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Audrey Phillips
Customer Success Manager, Classy

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